Commercial Billboards

Mr. Campbell has developed expertise in resolving disputes in the complex world of real property – – among (1) owners who agree to provide an attractive location for a commercial billboard advertising display; (2) the billboard development companies that negotiate the resulting billboard lease agreements with property owners – – as well as their subsequent efforts to obtain the required governmental approvals for the construction of the proposed billboard within a particular jurisdiction; and (3) the municipality/governmental entities today that have passed certain restrictions upon the construction of new billboard locations within their jurisdictions.

The issues can involve everything from constitutional issues/challenges to the obvious need for negotiation with all involved to avoid expensive litigation. Whether it is a pre-litigation matter or it has evolved into the filing of complaints and expensive cross-complaints, the Campbell Law Group can provide valuable insight, experience and results to all involved in the process.

Mr. Campbell has recently been involved in such a dispute in Riverside County Superior Court – – with related litigation before the 4th District Court of Appeal – – as well as a federal court action in the United States District Court for the Central District of California – – all involving the same disputed billboard location.