Real Estate Disputes

Disputes regarding real estate and those associated with real estate investments are a key focus of CLG. Since 1978, Mr. Campbell has overseen/professionally handled pre-litigation disputes, as well as litigation matters involving the potential liability of the involved parties in a purchase & sale transaction (buyers/sellers/brokers/agents) – – where litigation has been filed because of breach of contract claims (typically for non-disclosure of material issues/conditions affecting the property) – – oftentimes resulting in specific performance.


Recently, Mr. Campbell received rescission for one of his real estate clients – – 11 months after the close of escrow – – returning the property to the seller, and returning almost $1,500,000 to his client – – who was able to rescind her purchase of a home that would have been  very difficult to properly fix.


Among other things, CLG provides advice to partners of complex real estate partnerships; reviews purchase and sale documentation; and defends/prosecutes claims involving real estate partners and/or the disputed obligations set forth in the applicable operating agreements – – as to the management/investment goals that are being pursued in complicated Real Estate LLC’s – – that no longer satisfy all of the investors.