Restaurant Food Law

Campbell Law Group practices restaurant and food law concerning, among other things, typical restaurant operations as a matter of law – – including, but not limited to, health and safety standards, liability and other food service matters.

CLG has represented both large restaurant chains and individual restaurant owners – – focusing on laws and regulations that apply to food and beverage industries including:

  • Food and safety certification and employee training under the California
    Retail Food Code – including the formulation and amendment of HACCP plans
  • General liability and property damage issues – – often as it regards insurance for restaurants
  • Injuries resulting from the condition of food served to customers – food-borne disease litigation
  • Maintaining a safe environment – restaurant premises liability – including conduct by third parties
  • Use of video technologies in restaurant
  • Emergency preparedness plans
  • Cal-OSHA safety standards
  • ADA litigation – defending claims by individuals with disabilities in path of travel, access and architectural barrier cases
  • Creation of standard form contracts for restaurant clients’ vendors and suppliers