John Campbell – as part of his relationship with Coast-to-Coast Mediations – provides mediation services regarding disputes across many different industry sectors, including:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to other lawyers (i.e. arbitration, mediation and neutral evaluation).

  • Construction defect disputes
  • Owner/contractor disputes
    • In favor of and against the participants in a construction setting
  • Subdivision Map Act issues with governmental entities concerning completion of real estate subdivisions
  • Title insurance/survey issues
    •  Regarding adjoining property owners/competing claims
  • Mechanics Lien preparation and litigation
  • Construction delay claims
  • Real estate disputes

Restaurant, food & beverage law, restaurant operations, health and safety standards, liability and other food service matters:

  • Food and safety certification and employee training under the California Retail Food Code
  • Formulation and amendment of HACCP plans
  • General liability and property damage issues
  • Insurance coverage issues regarding restaurants
  • Liability cases involving allegations of injuries from food or premises hazards
  • ADA litigation – defending individuals with disabilities in path of travel, access and architectural barrier cases
  • Contract disputes between restaurants, vendors and supplier

Accident, insurance and professional negligence, as well as error and omission cases:

  • E & O claims against design professionals, physicians and attorneys
  • Coverage disputes relating to general liability and professional negligence
  • Auto, product and other liability claims

Business disputes:

  • Business torts or interference with business opportunities or relations
  • Misappropriation/Trade Secrets
  • Unfair Business Practices
  • Intellectual Property/Copyright & Trademark Infringement/Lanham Act claims
  • Landlord-Tenant disputes of all kinds
  • Environmental Claims
  • Claims concerning alleged misrepresentation by buyers and sellers involved in the purchase of a business
  • Creditor/Debtor collection claims

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“Cases do not just settle on their own. They are only settled by hard work in an atmosphere of good faith. And a focused mediation maximizes the liklehood of settlement. Guidance from a C2C neutral, experienced in the preparation, trial and settlement of serious cases as well as in the facilitative and evaluative mediation of those case makes early resolution likley.”

Save money, time and emotional capital,
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